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Mae’s Kitchen at Costco

The Lunar New Year celebrations bring families together through dancing, community activities and traditional Asian dishes that have great cultural significance.

The 22nd of January 2023 will officially begin the Year of the Rabbit. On this day, dishes are symbols of mainly long life, health and luck.

If you are celebrating the Year of the Rabbit this year, bring your loved ones together and indulge in our authentic flavours of Asia with only the best products from Mae’s Kitchen, exclusive to Costco.

Popular festive Lunar New Year dishes typically served are stretchy noodles, stir-fry, pork and soy-sauce chicken dishes.

Extra-long noodles, known as longevity noodles, is believed to represent a life that spans many years through their stretchy consistency and is considered to bring a long life of happiness. The Chinese also share the common belief that feasting on pork during Lunar New Year is a symbol of good fortune.

Why not serve these two together?

To welcome the Year of the Rabbit, couple your traditional noodle dish with our boneless char siu pork. Marinated in a Chinese style barbeque sauce and slow cooked for up to 5 hours, it is served perfectly with noodles and steamed vegetables. It is simply heated in the microwave, air fryer, oven or even a sizzling barbeque for a convenient and delicious meal.

Mae’s slow cooked, succulent teriyaki chicken is a crowd pleaser. Enjoy a boneless chicken thigh, marinated in a sweet soy teriyaki glaze and slow cooked sous vide style for tenderness. We recommend serving with some longevity noodles, a stir-fry or rice.

Let Mae take the stress out of your New Year’s preparation and supply you with these must-have dishes.

Mae’s Kitchen is the delicious way to celebrate and welcome the new year with a proper feast. You can find these products on sale now for a limited time only, so be sure you get yours quick in preparation for your joyful Lunar New Year.


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