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We have relationships with many distributors nationwide and offer delivery to every state enabling consistency across stores.

One protein supplier

We have you covered with Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Duck and Turkey. One invoice for all your protein needs, including vegetarian alternatives.

Minimising equipment 


You can avoid investing in big, bulky, expensive equipment and treat us as your external kitchen.

Savings on labour

With our products, your staff just need to assemble, heat. Eliminating the need for multiple skilled workers and making processes quicker.

Our Core Product Range

BBQ Chicken Wings and Drums 

Slow-cooked in bag with a BBQ glaze and only takes 3 minutes to fry.  

Smokey BBQ Pork Ribs

Pork ribs, bone in with a beautiful BBQ sauce. Good for any food service business that is looking for an easy way to put ribs on the menu.

Roast Lamb Sliced

This product is preservative-free and fantastic for hospital and aged care, only taking 10 minutes to heat.

Roast Beef

This product is preservative free, already sliced and cooked. Making it convenient for quick food prep and portioning. 

Roast Turkey Sliced 

Plain roast turkey sous vide  cooked and sliced. 
Ready to be served hot or cold. Perfect for quick food prep. 

Roast Pork

Our Roast Pork is sliced and individually snap frozen. This is helpful for quick and easy portioning needs.

Teriyaki Chicken 

Sous vide cooked to retain moisture and keep the meat tender. The chicken maryland is marinated with a Japanese style Teriyaki sauce.

Roast Pork Diced 

Diced Roast Pork individually snap frozen pieces.
Perfect for quick portioning needs to your menu.

Pork Belly Skin Off 

Our Pork Belly is sous vide cooked retaining moisture and producing tender meat. 

We use the highest quality meat we can find to help you deliver quality to your customers.

Chicken Breast Whole

Cooked sous vide, takes away the hassle of cooking the chicken breast yourself, taking out labour and hard work for you.

Chicken Breast Sliced

Sous vide cooked and sliced for your convenience.

This can fit into your menu easily as it is a reheat and serve product.

Char Siu Pork Scotch Whole 

Slow-cooked in bag, easy to handle and reduce waste in your kitchen as we flavour and spice to your needs, leaving out the hard and messy steps for you.

Peking Duck Skin On Sliced

The Peking duck is sous vide, cooked in bag. You can have the duck ready in minutes with our heat and serve solution.

Pulled Chicken Breast

We do the pulling and the slow cooking (sous vide) taking away the time consuming processes for your business. 

Chicken Maryland B/Less

This chicken is sous vide cooked and will reduce your labour and time in skinning and boning. 

Pork Belly Skin On

Our Pork Belly can be as crispy as you'd like, we cook and crisp to perfection with our sous vide method.

Pulled Pork


Pulled pork is one of our most popular products, we cook it slow and low for 6-12 hours Sous vide. Pulled products can go a long way on the plate.   

Pulled lamb


Pulled lamb is sous vide style cooked. If you're under the pump in your food service session this precooked product could reduce pressure.

Duck Maryland Bone In

Make our fully cooked plain duck Maryland your own by adding flavours   

Pulled Beef Brisket

Sous vide cooking style helping to produce flexibility in adapting the product. You can draw on inventory with ease instead of cooking as needed. 

Pork Belly Crispy Skin On Sliced

This is one of our best products, fully cooked Crispy Skin Pork Belly used in many QSR.  

Chashu Pork Belly Sliced

Fully cooked Japanese style chashu pork rolled and sliced for easy portoning. Our customers use this product in Ramen or Vietnamese rolls.

Chicken Ribs

Fully cooked Sous vide chicken ribs are easy to portion and only take 2 minutes to heat and surve. 

Char Siu pork Scotch

Sous Vide cooked for tender and flavoursome Asian BBQ Pork. 

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