Introduction to Food Service

Country Cooked International is a bespoke cooked protein manufacturing specialising in value added meat for food service. We support our customers by offering consulting, flexibility, product innovation, customisation to suit needs and above all provide solutions.

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The breakdown cost of a meal

In food service, managers agree that the largest cost is labour. When cutting cost, the ingredient input is heavily scrutinised. This occurs because ingredients are a visible cost on an invoice. This can be a slippery slope and result in poor standards of food that your patrons may notice. The products may even require more labour to get it over the line as a good finished product. This is why we have developed our fully cooked products that don’t compromise on quality and save time and labour so your staff can focus on other aspects of their job.

Yield lost

The process of cooking meat will always result in yield loss. Leading to less weight on the finished product and less going on your customers plate. There are ways to minimise moisture content loss. Our methods of cooking retain more moisture better than oven or pan cooking.

Roasted Turkey
Food Spread

Food Safety

When preparing food, basic food safety is keeping raw and cooked separated including the utensils. Everything Country Cooked produce is cooked, eliminating cross contamination. We have the ability to cut down on your food handling by providing fully cooked products. Our cooking process cuts down on our own food handling, killing all pathogens and extend shelf life up to 54 days chilled. Our QA team enforces and adheres to all government regulations including SQF, FSANZ and HACCP.