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Coming to Costco in November are the new and delicious slow cooked products from The Standard Meat Co. We’ve done the hard work for you by using the best quality meats and cooking them low and slow. Our secret style of cooking helps to maintain the moisture and flavour to easily heat and eat in your own home.

The Italian sous-vide styled meatballs are slow cooked in a traditional Napoli sauce, creating a tasty restaurant quality sauce that you can add to your pasta for effortless preparation at home.

The Teriyaki Chicken is slow-cooked in a traditional Japanese Teriyaki marinade, bringing the tastes of quality Australian chicken and Japanese culture together.

Also look out for the new packaging for the Tony Roma’s Carolina Honeys BBQ Boneless Pork Ribs and The Standard Meat Co Char Siu Pork that will also be available in store November.

*All these products can be used in Food Service too, just simply contact us for prices.

03 9351 1336

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